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R.T. Lane Recruitment

€38~€48 PH. Initial 18-month contract role.

 The Engineering Document Control (EDC) Lead is responsible for the timely and accurate turnover management of engineering documents, drawings and P&IDs from the A/E Firm to End User. The scope of the engineering documents on this project are Vendor Turn Over Packages (VTOPs), Trade Turn Over Packages (TTOPs), Drawings and P&IDs.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring correct Supplier Documentation Index (SDI) definition per Vendor and Trade.
  • Coordinating review of drawings and documents as applicable (e.g. Engineering, C&Q, Maintenance, Automation).
  • Ensuring all company sign-offs of turnover packs in a timely manner, as per project schedule requirements.
  • Expediting closure of all queries and comments from document reviews.
  • Defining new process for management of process using electronic documents only (i.e. no paper, electronic copies only).
  • Ensuring CM maintains the project “as-built” drawings.
  • Adhering to project schedule targets, particularly those associated with the handover of documentation at both Mechanical Completion (Green Tag) and Commissioning and Qualification (Blue Tag) phases.
  • Ensuring documents are uploaded as they become available, in a progressive manner, to level review and approval resource requirements and prevent bottle necks.
  • Tracking progress using KPIs, e.g. document submissions from vendors, % complete of each VTOP/TTOP, review and approval status, due dates for completion, etc.
  • Managing an Issue Resolution tracker to be used to track all potential issues, delays, etc.
  • Adequately resourcing document TTOP review process, to allow for peaks and troughs, to ensure no backup of progress.
  • Auditing VTOP/TTOP content quality throughout the process, to ensure alignment with expected standards.
  • Ensuring as-built P&IDs for all elements of project. (In Smart format and in Non-Smart CAD – AutoCAD 2019 is the current set-up format, with associated company layers.
  • Incorporating all intervening company site changes to any existing P&IDs, including all x-ref changes.
  • Ensuring redraft of all Vendor P&IDs to company format.
  • Ensuring all project A/E and Vendor drawings are handed over in the correct format.
  • Ensuring all turnover packs, drawings and P&IDs are correctly and accurately uploaded to Meridian.


  • 8-10 years industry experience in Capital Projects or similar.
  • Level 8 degree in Mechanical/Electrical/Civil Engineering.
  • Project is paperless, it uses an electronic document management system so familiarity with this is an advantage.

Maximum file size: 2MB