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Interview tips


R.T.Lane Recruitment Agency :

The Clue is in the Job Spec;

Company Research:

The internet is everyone’s first point of call for research purposes and this is paramount to your success

Another quick and effective way is to You Tube the company this is really simple way to find out up to date news about the company, and get an in depth understanding of the company’s culture.

Personal Presentation:

Little things to remember:

Interview styles:

Most company’s will have a specific interview style – competency based interviews are widely used within multi-national organizations it’s a great way for the company to drill down into certain behaviors that are mandatory for the role and their specific company culture.

A fantastic tool to help you to organise your examples/answers is the STAR Technique.

It provides you with a structured approach to your answers enabling you to tell the story clearly and effectively.


S- ituation – describe the situation that you found yourself in. Keep it real, don’t generalize and be succinct–

T- ask - Illustrate what you needed to do

A- ction Describe WHAT you did and HOW you did it. Make sure that you are taking ownership of the example and using the word I. The interviewer wants to hear about what you did, what your part in this project or problem solving solution was, and how you went about doing it.

R- esult Wrap the story up nicely, by telling the interviewer what the direct result of what your actions were here.

Eg. €’s for the company, time saved, sales increased!

Sample Q’s

Please see a list of questions to help you get into the right frame if mind



Client focus


Organizational awareness

Problem solving and judgment

Results orientation


Developing others

Impact and influence



Relationship building

Resource management


Strategic thinking